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 One of the few flat sections during the ride. #RaphaRising #wheeltalk #wheeltalkroad

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Rapha Rising: Defeated


The Rapha Rising challenge on Strava is something I have had fun doing every year but this year, much like many of the Tour de France hopefuls, it was not in the books for me.

Day 1 started off with me bonking hard. Getting married and then going on vacation didn’t do too much for my fitness, but I somewhat expected this and wasn’t that worried.

Day 2 was dedicated to recovering from the bonk. Climbing BoFax and Seven Sisters had done more to my vacation legs than I thought.

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Jaguar + Team Sky


The riders doing the TT on saturday during the Tour de France won’t be the only fast things on the course. Jaguar built a special F-Type for Team Sky that they will be using during the stage. It features a carbon fiber bike rack that can carry two TT bikes, and a separate electric supply in the trunk powering the radios, amplifiers, microphones, horns and televisions. Of course it has also has a custom painted exterior and interior to match the Team Sky branding. I’m not sure the car will help them get a win that day, but it is cool to see sponsors doing something out of the norm for their teams. 

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Wheel Talk 4 Year Anniversary


I can’t believe Wheel Talk is 4 years old. It seems like only yesterday we were just some street rats rolling around Gilroy, riding dirt, and getting in trouble.  If you’re curious, check out the video that started it all. Four years later and we are still around winning trick comps and sponsoring a road cycling team. We couldn’t have done it without the support of our family, friends, and all you who visit the site and like our stuff on social media. Thank you!  Read More


Hybrids: Illustrations by John Maniquis


On Friday Cykel opened a new art exhibit in their shop, by none other than local favorite John Maniquis. Hybrids celebrates cycling history with a sprinkle of pop culture for funsies.  The event was jam-packed, and John being on keg duty keeping everyone hydrated made him a busy man that night. Making the rounds and finally getting to chat with him took a while.

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Ever needed a little reminder to ride your bike rather than drive? How much easier would it be if your key holder would just nudge you in the right direction on those lazy mornings? Keymoment aims to resolve all that, while being a little annoying at the same time. Never has a key holder been so astehitically pleasing while at the same time serving the function to get you on your bike more up until now.

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God & Famous SS14 Release


God & Famous is at it again! Just had a quick email chat with Kenny and he sent me over info about their new Spring/Summer product releases. Taking a look at their soon to be released line makes me realize he doesn’t stop designing, and the passion that goes into God & Famous is something to be admired.

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Flux Wheels


Over the past few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Chris from Flux Wheels and demo some of his products. Chris is super friendly and when you talk to him you can tell the passion for cycling and designing cycling products flows through his veins. If you get to pick this guys brain you quickly see that there is a lot going on in there.

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