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 Canãda #wheeltalkroad #outsideisfree  Base miles on Roop #wheeltalkroad #outsideisfree  It was hard getting and staying in front of these guys today, but thank you VERY much for the birthday fun! #wheeltalkroad  Breakfast of champions. #wheeltalkroad  Exploring the San Bruno dirt trails. #wheeltalkroad #rideunicorn
 Base miles on Roop part 2 #wheeltalkroad #outsideisfree  Birthday dirt. #wheeltalkroad #outsideisfree  A #Rapha birthday breakfast. #wheeltalkroad  #outsideisfree #wheeltalkroad  Starting today's ride at @piccinocoffeebar #wheeltalkroad

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"If you wish to be out front, then act as if you were behind." Lao-Tzu



South Bay


Over the weekend I went to visit my parents in South Bay, Gilroy CA to be exact, and while everyone in San Francisco was getting inundated with rain the South bay was clear and beautiful. If you have never ridden south of San Jose you are truly missing out. There are ample climbs, rollers, flats, and dirt to give you a wide variety of riding. Check out some of the pictures for proof.

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Revisiting 1st Endurance


As you can see from this post, I’m a pretty big fan of 1st Endurance and their EFS Drink. Lately, however, I have been an even bigger fan of the MultiV and OptygenHP. After taking a few months off (August – January) from riding, getting back on the bike left me tired. Not like your normal, “Oh you just haven’t been riding, deal with it” tired, but like “there is something missing” tired. An unhealthy diet was not to blame either, since I have been eating a lot healthier. I am making sure to eat a good amount of veggies, carbs, and a variety of meats all while cutting out sugars and reducing my bier intake. This is when I decided to go back to using MultiV and OpytgenHP, because I remembered that I seemed to have more energy on and off the bike while I was testing them out for a few months.

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The Team


Updates have been few and far between. Why? Life. Between working a full-time job in advertising and trying to balance a relationship/family/friends and trying to start new Wheel Talk projects I have somehow managed to help start a new cycling team in San Francisco. I’m proud to say that TVC Josh and myself have officially launched Wheel Talk – TVC Racing. After many hours of emailing potential partners and team members we have gotten a Men’s Women’s and Track team lined up for 2014 and some really great partners that we are proud to call family.

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rifton adaptive tricycle white

First Bikes


Everyone who has ever ridden a bike remembers their first time on one. The freedom, the wind blowing through your hair, the feeling that for once you have your own means of transportation. For some kids, however, a bike means much more. Bikes can be a great tool for rehabilitation or as a way for children with disabilities to get exercise and to finally feel free or like a normal kid.

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Wheel Talk Patches


Patches just dropped. If you want one just hop on over to the store and pick one up!

100% Embroidered Patches
Made In The US
Iron On Backing

Width – 4.5in / 11.37cm

$5 Shipped Domestic
+$1 For International Shipping



Pearl Izumi Legal Doping Coffee


 Almost everyone who rides a bike looks for something to get the early morning rides going a little bit easier, and almost everyone turns to coffee. Pearl Izumi knows this, and to help rebuild the area of Boulder they are releasing a limited run of their Legal Doping Coffee, dubbed CAF+. While I haven’t personally tried their roast, I do know people who have, and they enjoy the flavour of the mild roast. It’s not dark and strong like your typical store-bought brand, but rather smooth  and full of flavour. If you want to check out the roast and help out the Boulder area rebuild from their epic floods, head over to the Pearl Izumi website and pick up a bag or two.




Wheel Talk Birthday Weekend


It was birthday weekend for Wheel Talk – TVC . Not only did we have Veronika’s birthday Saturday, but my 30th birthday was Sunday. What’s the best way to celebrate a birthday? Why with a bike ride and beer of course! Saturday a bunch of friends and team members got together for Veronika’s 70 mile ride heading south out of San Francisco. There was a big turnout and everyone had a great time challenging each other and celebrating Veronika’s special day.

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Team Ride #2


This weekend was the second team ride for Wheel Talk – TVC and it took us to the East Bay for lots of climbing. This was only my second time riding in the East Bay and it is tough! For all the hills we have in San Francisco I thought I’d be much better prepared for this, but it’s obvious that my legs are still in “off season” mode. What an “off season” is I’m still not exactly sure, I just notice that from October-December every year I’m less motivated to ride and more motivated to drink beer. Thanks to this I got my ass kicked by EVERYONE on the team and the hills. I still had a great time and really enjoyed getting out there with everyone.  Read More

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