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 The result of not paying attention for a split second. 48 hours later and the bruising has spread halfway across my chest. #wheeltalk #wheeltalkroad #outsideispainful  Combining riding and my love for photography makes for a good day. #wheeltalk #wheeltalkroad #iamspecialized  One big ring #wheeltalk #wheeltalkroad #iamspecialized  Today was a good day. #NewBikeDay #wheeltalk #wheeltalkroad  There a no long winding climbs but Texas your long rolling hills are almost as pleasurable. #wheeltalk #OutsideIsFree #WheelTalkRoad
 Climbed some hills today and got a bit thirsty. #wheeltalk #wheeltalkroad  Sometimes you just need to easy pedal around town to get rid of the Winter Blues. #wheeltalk #wheeltalkroad #ATX  Only one shifter. #wheeltalk #wheeltalkroad  Back by popular demand, the Wheel Talk Aero Cat kit. Preorders are open from today until December 5th at wheeltalkroad.com #wheeltalk #wheeltalkroad  Redbud #wheeltalk #OutsideIsFree #WheelTalkRoad

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Aero Cat is Back!

Pre-orders for the Aero Cat Kit are closed and all orders have been submitted. Thanks to everyone who ordered a jersey or full kit!

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Creative Cleaning With Carbon Pro Sports


Living in an apartment has its pro’s and con’s. As a cyclist one of the major con’s for me is trying to clean my bike. I’m not a fan of the “shower wash” because I’d have to spend an additional 10-20 minutes cleaning all the grime out of the tub, and unfortunately I live in an apartment complex with no hose hook-ups. I could take my bike to a local shop and pay them to wash it, but that can get pricey over time, and it’s not that hard to clean a bike yourself. The cheapest way to get around this apartment dilemma is getting a hand pump from Home Depot and filling it with hot tap water to do the cleaning myself.

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Not NAHBS But Still NAHBs

A few weeks back while everyone was posting their NAHBS write-ups I spent the afternoon with local custom frame builder Matt Mowat of Paramour Bicycles. It was a good afternoon with great conversation ranging from bikes, bike history, frame building, beer, and places to ride in Austin.

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Still Speechless


Last week I was contacted by Specialized to come to their headquarters in Morgan Hill to come chat and take a tour of their facilities. I wasn’t too sure what to expect honestly. In the email conversations all they specified was that we would be chatting and taking a tour of their facility. I had not stepped foot in their HQ since 2009, so I was obviously excited.

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