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 Sketching on a Sunday. #kbk #WheelTalkRoad #sketch  @asraul415 getting low and sneaking a draft off @bexcoh #WheelTalk #WheelTalkRoad #ATX #outsideisfred  The spot. #WheelTalk #WheelTalkRoad #iamspecialized #ATX
 Today was another good day in Austin. #WheelTalk #WheelTalkRoad #outsideisfred  Yaupon Valley #WheelTalk #outsideisfree #WheelTalkRoad  Thanks for showing me the roads today @asraul415 #WheelTalk #WheelTalkRoad #OutsideIsFree

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Still Speechless


Last week I was contacted by Specialized to come to their headquarters in Morgan Hill to come chat and take a tour of their facilities. I wasn’t too sure what to expect honestly. In the email conversations all they specified was that we would be chatting and taking a tour of their facility. I had not stepped foot in their HQ since 2009, so I was obviously excited.

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The Stolen Ride


It was a rainy Thursday morning when I got to work in San Francisco. For the past few weeks I have been doing my new daily commute of taking CalTrain from Gilroy to San Francisco and then taking CalTrain to San Jose after work and riding the remaining 21 miles to Gilroy. On this Thursday I locked my bike up like I had multiple times before. I had a couple of assumptions. First, I never had any issues locking up my bike at work since the bike rack was wedged between our building and Charles Schwab building. Why should today be any different?  Second, I figured since there were two cameras pointed at the racks no one would really try to steal a bike in such a high traffic/high visibility site. With these security measures why should I use the bike cage in the garage of the building?

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Van Gogh Bike Path


In Brabant, the Dutch county where Van Gogh was born, is a bike path that gives riders a scene from The Starry Night as they ride home.

The path lights up with a combination of glow-in-the-dark pebbles and solar-powered LED’s.

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California Drought. A Follow Up.


Over the weekend I did a really slow ride around some local spots in Gilroy and Morgan Hill and what I saw scared me. All of these great areas that were once mid ride breakpoints to stop and go for a swim were now empty. Spots that used to be cooler thanks to the water in the reservoir are now just as windy and dry as the valley. The only redeeming factor was that for the first time in a long time you could see some of the architecture of area before they built the dam. Ranchers are taking this opportunity to stake claim to “new” land that is rightfully “theirs” giving their cattle more grazing room. It all reminds me reminds me of when we learned about the 1930’s Dust Bowl in middle school.

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Wheel Talk + Skratch Labs Contest: The Results


The results are in. Not only did you guys take some great photos, but everyone was out putting in serious miles. Only 36 miles separated first and second place.

The pictures were also all great. They gave a glimpse of what you can see and do with a bike. It reminded me of why we started Wheel Talk.

You guys all rock!

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Wheel Talk – Aero Cat Kit

What feels like forever, and has definitely been discussed by myself and Slumworm for many years, is finally coming to fruition. The first official Wheel Talk kit is now available for pre-order. The kit was designed by Slum and myself, and manufactured by Cuore. The price is $270 and is a jersey/bib combo, so if you buy a medium jersey you get medium bibs. Shipping is $5 to anywhere in the US and $15 anywhere else in the world. If you live in San Francisco send me an email and we can work out a drop off location and I’ll refund your shipping. Since this is a pre-order I will ship out kits as soon as I receive them, which should be roughly 6 weeks after the orders close. 

I spent this weekend riding in the kit and can say that it’s very comfortable. It was in the mid 90’s this weekend and the jersey kept me nice and cool. The fit is nice and snug with a race cut. If you have any of the Strava Gran Fondo jerseys this is the same cut. I’m a small in almost every cycling brand I’ve worn and the same is true for this line from Cuore. Read More

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