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Getting Dirty With Valence Bicycles

Two weeks ago, while I was in California, I had the opportunity to test a ride from Valence Bicycles and chat with Shawn the brains behind it all. From what I could tell on the internet it was a bike with race-like geometry that could accommodate 32mm tires and had disc brakes. I figured a typical

Time Away. Time to Return.

Moving to a new location with every intent to call it home is never easy. To say these two years in Austin have been challenging would be an understatement. I moved to Austin full of excitement and energy, ready to participate in the local races. After riding with some locals and getting introduced to more

Creative Cleaning With Carbon Pro Sports

Living in an apartment has its pro’s and con’s. As a cyclist one of the major con’s for me is trying to clean my bike. I’m not a fan of the “shower wash” because I’d have to spend an additional 10-20 minutes cleaning all the grime out of the tub, and unfortunately I live in an

Not NAHBS But Still NAHBs

A few weeks back while everyone was posting their NAHBS write-ups I spent the afternoon with local custom frame builder Matt Mowat of Paramour Bicycles. It was a good afternoon with great conversation ranging from bikes, bike history, frame building, beer, and places to ride in Austin.

God and Famous – Kill Cap II

A while back I got the Cross Cap S14 from God and Famous and loved it. The fit was great and it was a stylish cap that could be worn easily under a helmet on rides or when out on the town. Starting tomorrow at 9am EST God and Famous will be releasing a new cap

Still Speechless

Last week I was contacted by Specialized to come to their headquarters in Morgan Hill to come chat and take a tour of their facilities. I wasn’t too sure what to expect honestly. In the email conversations all they specified was that we would be chatting and taking a tour of their facility. I had not