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Back to the Roots

In 2010, a group of friends in Gilroy started Wheel Talk. We believed in riding bikes in dirt, having fun, and drinking beers. Lately, I’ve been getting back to those roots and it feels great; there is no chasing strava PR’s or KOMs, no intervals, just bikes and fun.

There was something new and exciting about seeing what we could do on untraditional terrain and how far our bikes could take us all while not having goals we “needed” to achieve. Summers were filled with easy rides to Uvas Reservoir in Morgan Hill for swimming, or cruising to Chitactac in Gilroy and hanging out on the cliffs over the creek and having some beers on hot summer days.

While the summers in San Francisco aren’t as hot as Gilroy/Morgan Hill and the Wheel Talk crew is a little more spread out these day, I’m still getting in the spirit during these slow relaxing dirt rides.

Hope everyone’s having a great summer!



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