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Wheel Talk + Skratch Labs Contest

The last post I wrote was about Skratch Labs Matcha+Lemons. I became a big fan, such a big fan that I want to share it with those of you who are constantly on your bike and exploring your surroundings.

Beginning in October there will be two ways to win some Skratch Labs.

The first way to win is to join the Wheel Talk Club on Strava. At the end of each week I will tally everyone’s riding and the person who rides the most during the month of October wins a bag of Skratch Labs Matcha+Lemons. Runners up will also get some Skratch Labs goodies sent their way.

The second way to win is to post pictures of your rides to Instagram and tag them with both #WheelTalk AND #WheelTalkRoad. The image with the most likes wins, and again there will be prizes for the runners-up.

That’s pretty much it, go out explore your surroundings and remember to have fun!


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