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California Drought. A Follow Up.

Over the weekend I did a really slow ride around some local spots in Gilroy and Morgan Hill and what I saw scared me. All of these great areas that were once mid ride breakpoints to stop and go for a swim were now empty. Spots that used to be cooler thanks to the water in the reservoir are now just as windy and dry as the valley. The only redeeming factor was that for the first time in a long time you could see some of the architecture of area before they built the dam. Ranchers are taking this opportunity to stake claim to “new” land that is rightfully “theirs” giving their cattle more grazing room. It all reminds me reminds me of when we learned about the 1930’s Dust Bowl in middle school.

Just because some rain is forecasted to come please remember to conserve water. California has a long way to go before water levels are back to normal, but we can help.

On your next ride slow down and take in the scenery. Are you seeing anything crazy from the drought on your rides?

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November 13, 2014