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A Review of the Specialized Allez 2015

How do I feel about my 2015 Specialized Allez? It’s not my 2009 Allez and it’s not my 2012 Focus Izalco, both of these are good things though.

photo 5The 2009 version of the Allez gave you so much feedback that you felt your fillings would pop out after a long day in the saddle. The Focus was a smooth ride, but give you a sudden surge in acceleration when you started to push down on the pedals.

This new Allez is a smooth ride and when you start to push the pedals there is an even acceleration of speed. Simply put this is an amazing ride. I had the opportunity to take it down some long California descents before leaving town, and it handled corners with ease. Here in Austin the riding is different. The climbs are short and punchy, think Belgian Spring Classics, and this bike handles those just as well as long sustained efforts on California mountains.

Stiffness, compliancy, drag coefficients are all words thrown around when people talk bike reviews. Honestly, I’m not sure what the majority of that means other than it’s great for the pro peloton. I know that this bike supposedly is close to the Tarmac in compliancy. So close in fact, that some people are opting to choose this as their main bike for crit racing rather than an expensive carbon bike.

The one fact that I care about is that at the end of the day it’s fun. The way this bike glides down descents and through turns is pure enjoyment and that’s all a bike ride should be about.


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