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Time Away. Time to Return.

Moving to a new location with every intent to call it home is never easy. To say these two years in Austin have been challenging would be an understatement.

I moved to Austin full of excitement and energy, ready to participate in the local races. After riding with some locals and getting introduced to more by way of mutual friends all momentum was lost when I was hit by a car.


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Luckily the bike took the majority of the impact and all I had some heavy bruising and whiplash. I was on a bike again within two months thanks to the driver’s insurance. Thanks USAA Insurance!

My luck didn’t last long however because within three months I was hit head on again. This time around I suffered three compressed discs in my lower back. After six weeks of physical therapy I was back on the bike.

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Curveballs kept coming my way with unexpected events in my personal life, as well as having to deal with a lengthy eight month lawsuit process from the second car incident to get repaid for my medical expenses.

To stay stress free and keep a positive outlook on life I was riding more and regaining fitness when I went down descending Mount Bonnell and broke my collarbone. After another two months of being off the bike I began the slow process of getting on the bike and riding yet again.

All this time away from the bike and Wheel Talk has allowed me to reevaluate certain aspects of my life, get certain things in order the way they should be, and just give me a break that I didn’t realize that I needed.  Every single time I get on my bike now, regardless if its a commute to work or a ride filled with intervals and burning legs, I find myself smiling from ear to ear.

I find my creativity revitalized. I am starting to see things with my photographic eye again and am slowly starting to take photos again. I am designing things in Adobe Illustrator again. I am teaching myself more in depth use of Final Cut Pro. I was inspired and excited to begin writing again after a few drinks with a fellow writer. I forgot I have a creative flame, and it was reignited.

I am having fun with all things bike again.

This means lots of things and finally some much needed updates and content from Wheel Talk Road. It’s all getting started on November 15th when I head to California for a week. I’ll be riding and getting lots of photos and video. I’ll be talking to the brains behind Valence Bicycles and taking one out for a spin. There are two jerseys in the works for 2017 one of which will honor the 2017 Tour de France starting in Germany. Speaking of Germany and the Tour de France, Wheel Talk Road will be headed over there to get coverage, ride with some locals, and show you the roads I grew up on.

I would like to give a very warm thank you to all my family and friends who supported me through these tough times. Everyone at Specialized Bikes for always getting me up and going ASAP with top notch bikes. Chrome Industries for making an amazing bag that prevented my injuries for being worse than what they could have been. Rapha, for not only honoring crash replacement/repair but always throwing in their added touch that makes them the brand they are.

I’m excited. I hope everyone else is as well.

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I ride bikes!