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The Stolen Ride

It was a rainy Thursday morning when I got to work in San Francisco. For the past few weeks I have been doing my new daily commute of taking CalTrain from Gilroy to San Francisco and then taking CalTrain to San Jose after work and riding the remaining 21 miles to Gilroy. On this Thursday I locked my

Van Gogh Bike Path

In Brabant, the Dutch county where Van Gogh was born, is a bike path that gives riders a scene from The Starry Night as they ride home. The path lights up with a combination of glow-in-the-dark pebbles and solar-powered LED’s.

California Drought. A Follow Up.

Over the weekend I did a really slow ride around some local spots in Gilroy and Morgan Hill and what I saw scared me. All of these great areas that were once mid ride breakpoints to stop and go for a swim were now empty. Spots that used to be cooler thanks to the water in

Wheel Talk – Aero Cat Kit

What feels like forever, and has definitely been discussed by myself and Slumworm for many years, is finally coming to fruition. The first official Wheel Talk kit is now available for pre-order. The kit was designed by Slum and myself, and manufactured by Cuore. The price is $270 and is a jersey/bib combo, so if

Wheel Talk + Skratch Labs Contest

The last post I wrote was about Skratch Labs Matcha+Lemons. I became a big fan, such a big fan that I want to share it with those of you who are constantly on your bike and exploring your surroundings. Beginning in October there will be two ways to win some Skratch Labs.

A Weekend With Skratch Labs Matcha+Lemons

If you’ve ever ridden with me you know that I like to start my rides with a cappuccino. During the week it’s usually matcha that keeps me going at work, though. Matcha tends to give me a longer lasting energy rather than the jolt of coffee that leaves me hunting another cup when I crash.

Weekend Trip/California Drought

Over the weekend I went to Gilroy to visit the family, do some riding, get my head on straight again, and to see how the drought has had an effect on the area. Living in San Francisco it’s often times hard to remember that we are in a drought because everything is so green around